• Design and Planning
We design and install gardens and landscapes that are elegant, personal, and better for the earth than a more conventional approach would allow. Our mission is to implement sustainable earth friendly practices that honor the vast traditions of fine gardening, while integrating contemporary design with climate & water appropriate plant selections. We are confident and excited to build drought tolerant gardens in any style, personalized to your distinct tastes and specific site. Intense splashes of color, minimal architectural forms, lively naturalized meadows- we're eager to work with you! We offer:
• On site and off site consultations
• Garden and Landscape Design
• Renovations
• Patio design
• Irrigation design
  • Installation
We provide complete installation and on-site management for the gardens and landscapes we design. Because our gardens are unique and specific, our hands on involvement will ensure the client receives a finished product that reflects our high level of craftsmanship and vision. We offer:
• Site excavation
• Soil preparation
• Plantings
• Landscape construction
• Stone and rock work
• Irrigation systems
• Patios
• Container and planter installation
  • Maintenance
Beautifying is our passion, we want your garden to thrive and blossom in a style that fits your unique taste, site, and budget. Our goal is to arrive at every site with a exceptional level of mindfulness that extends to each client, plant, and aspect of the landscape. The result is a garden that is elegant, rejuvenating, and personal. Whether you need weekly maintenance visits, a one-time party spruce up or a single tree planted - we have a plan that will meet you needs. We offer:
• Regularly scheduled maintenance
• Seasonal clean-up
• One time clean-up • Detailing and pruning
• Irrigation repair
• New plantings